Palabora Copper Bursaries 2020 – 2021

By | October 20, 2017

Palabora Copper Bursaries 2020 – 2021

If you love mining operations, engineering and would like to make a difference, then this bursary program may be of assistance to you!

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Palabora Copper is known to be one of the most productive operations within South Africa. They are situated ideal and have been growing strong since their initial start-up in 1956. They are also known to be the only producer of ‘refined’ copper within South Africa. They are located, close to the National Kruger Park and approximately only 360 KM North-East of Pretoria.

Palabora Copper is a smelter, refinery, and a copper mine all combined into one smooth operating company. This company offers so much more than meets the eye. They aim in alleviating poverty by assisting communities around them, boosting economic growth and offering talented candidates great opportunities.

Palabora Copper bursary scheme recognizes the importance of not only evolving but additionally also upholding a sturdy professionalism within the workforce.  Consequently, they are dedicated to constantly grow and they do this by vesting in gifted persons.  They believe in diversity and equal employment opportunities. Each candidate that is successfully awarded a bursary will be required to sign a service agreement for a minimum time of two years. However, their service contract is one year for each year of study. Candidates will additionally also be required to do vacation work at the company.

Bursaries will also include the following:

  • Tuition fees and Residence fees, including a Personal allowance of up to R5000 for University candidates
  • Tuition fees and Residence fees, including a Personal allowance of up to R4000 for Technikon candidates

This company additionally also offers a Graduate Training Program. This program aids in providing qualifying candidates with great experience and skills within their chosen careers.  It provides challenging operational along with technical work skills. This program helps the selected candidates to equip themselves with usable skills and abilities to enter the industry prepared.

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Palabora Copper ensures a challenging experience for all their candidates within all their programs. They assist their employees, communities, and individuals eager to join their sector with development in all routes of the industry. They offer bursaries yearly to candidates who see themselves as talented high-flyers, whom are quite eager to build their dreams within the mining industry. Palabora Copper offers stability, environmental protection programs, high-quality products and the best-proven practices within all fields.


This company provides bursaries for talented individuals with a love of the mining industry, along with a keen interest in all fields of engineering.

The following directions are available for candidates wishing to pursue a career within the mining sector.

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mining Engineering
  • Metallurgical Engineering
  • Instrumentation Technician


Palabora Copper is constantly seeking bright-minded individuals. If you are considering to apply for one of the above-mentioned fields, applicants must submit the following documentation with their curriculum vitae.

  • Candidates must possess a valid South African ID
  • Candidates must be a South African resident
  • Candidates must hold a Grade 12 level of education
  • Candidates must have a strong background of Mathematics
  • Candidates must have excelled within Physical Science
  • Candidates must show great discipline
  • Candidates must show a willingness to learn

Bursaries may be renewable yearly, depending on the candidate’s grades and the company.


Online bursaries applications are not available, but for more information candidates can visit their website. Interested candidates may send their curriculum vitae, along with relevant documentation to the bursary department at, or

They offer candidates a perfect learning experience. Please note, you can only apply for once, so just send your curriculum vitae with documents one time.  Do not forget to attach all required documentation, as well as a cover letter.


Closing date on these bursaries is usually the end of August each year. Please note, if you have not heard anything from the company within 2 to 3 months after the closing date, you may deem your application as unsuccessful.

If you are into mining and would love to pursue a career with this company, send your applications in today.

No documentation, CV’s or forms will be returned to candidates, therefore, it is important to only include certified copies.

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